What Are Prophet Muhammad’s Major Miracles?

God performed more than 300 miracles at Prophet Muhammad’s hands which prove his prophethood just as God performed other miracles at the hands of the other prophets and messengers, including Moses and Jesus.

Prophet Muhammad’s major miracles included the split of the moon, Al-Isra’ wa Al-Mi`raj (Night Journey & Ascension to Heaven), the split of his chest, and the fulfillment of all of his prophecies both in his lifetime and after his demise.

However, God favored Prophet Muhammad with an eternal miracle which differs from the rest of his miracles and those of the other prophets and messengers. It is such a miracle which will remain as evidence of his prophethood until the end of the world.

As a matter of fact, Prophet Moses’ miracles included crossing the Red Sea and striking the rock for water to gush out thereof. Prophet Jesus’ miracles included making water into wine, causing two thousand pigs to be killed and causing the fig tree to dry up.

Nevertheless, those miracles were limited to the times and places of those two prophets, and they became a history found only in books, for which there is no existing evidence. They may seem as fairy tales for some people.

Still, the Qur’an is Prophet Muhammad’s visual, live and eternal miracle. It will remain as reliable evidence of Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood until the Day of Judgment.

Nowadays, in the twenty first century, you can verify the Qur’an as a miracle testifying for the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, whereas we do not find any evidence of the prophethood of Moses or Jesus or the miracles God performed at their hands.

Watch this video to know Prophet Muhammad’s major miracles and the difference between them and those of the rest of the prophets and messengers, including Moses and Jesus.

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