Shocking Historical Facts about the “Last Supper”!

Read such an invaluable article which expounds Shocking Historical Facts About The "Last Supper ...

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Can Biblical Manuscripts Stand Historical Methodologies for Text-Criticism?

Read this article which explores the Biblical manuscripts as regards to their historical backgr ...

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Influence of Historical-Intellectual Heritages On Christianity

Read such an invaluable article on the Influence of Historical Intellectual Heritages On Christ ...

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Silent Years of Jesus!

Read this article which explores the critical question of the silent years of Jesus! Read: Was ...

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Clergy Councils and Christian Faith

Read this invaluable article which explores the reality of the formation of the Christian faith ...

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Is Christianity or Jesus’ Message Eternal and Universal?

Read such fabulous article which explores the fact of the universality of Christianity. Read I ...

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Role of Early Popes and First Council of Nicaea in the Establishment of Contemporary Christianity

Christianity is just a fabric mostly woven by the early popes before and during the First Counc ...

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Contemporary Christianity

Roman Emperors’ Role in the Establishment of Contemporary Christianity

Roman emperors embraced Christianity after it had experienced much alteration and distortion. S ...

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Christianity between Pure Spirituality and Worldly Desire

Christianity between pure spirituality and worldly desire: discover the dark history and major ...

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Prophet Muhammad

History of Christianity & Shift from Monotheism to Trinity (4/4)

We spotlight prominent Christians who embraced Islam in Prophet Muhammad’s lifetime. Could thos ...

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