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Sun, 14 Jul 2024

Why Did Prof. Gary Miller Revert to Islam?

Prof. Gary Miller (also known as Abdul-Ahad Omar) is a Canadian Mathematician and former Christian missionary who reverted to Islam.

Talking about the story of his reversion to Islam, Prof. Gary said that he decided to have a look at the Qur’an in 1977. At the time, he had never met a Muslim and he had lived a hundred kilometers away from the nearest Muslim.

What interested him was what non-Muslims had said about Prophet Muhammad. Some writers dismissed him as “lying”, others as “crazy”, but Prof. Gary believed that a man cannot be “lying” and “crazy” at the same time. So decided to find out the truth by himself.

Watch this video to know why Prof. Gary Miller, the Canadian Mathematician and former Christian missionary, decided to revert to Islam!

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