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How Did Hijab Lead Lisa Vogl to Islam?

Lisa Vogl was a Christian girl who liked travel and exploring the world. She had the opportunity to teach English at Tangier in Morocco. When she went to Morocco, she could live with a Moroccan family.

Lisa admired the hijab and told the Moroccan family that she wanted to wear hijab like them. So they gave her a hijab to wear. Over three months, Lisa would wake up at dawn and then wear the hijab without knowing why she did that.

While Lisa admired hijab, she did not ask the Moroccan family why they wore this hijab for they spoke Arabic but she spoke English and so they could not communicate.

Lisa always wanted to be a photographer. Therefore, she attended a photography school. At the same time, she decided to join Project “Downtown” where she met many Muslims, including Ms. Nadine.

At the photography school, Lisa was asked to do a documentary of her choice. So she decided to do it about hijab since she lived in Morocco and wore the hijab for three months.

Thus, Lisa decided to have an interview with Ms. Nadine about hijab. This interview was a turning point in Lisa’s life since, following it, she wanted to embrace Islam.

Watch this video to know what happened in the interview which Lisa had with Ms. Nadine about hijab and why Lisa decided to embrace Islam after this interview!

Source: Whyislam

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