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A Former Catholic Finds the Path of Truth

In this short video, a female Muslim convert tells us her journey to Islam and how she found the truth. She said that she was brought up as a Catholic, very active in the Church and used to teach Catholicism. Later, she had some questions and concerns regarding life. So she went to the Church to find some answers but for nothing. Then, she started to study different religions including Islam.

Although converting to Islam is one of the most beautiful things that happened to her, she had faced great hardships. Her family did not accept that and took her daughter. In addition, she lost her job and could not attend school anymore.

After that, she gives advice to those who want to find the truth in this life and the great difficulties that they will face, but the way of guidance really deserves this effort.

Enjoy watching this inspiring story of a new Muslim woman and how she found the path of truth.

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