Prophet Muhammad

The Arabian Prophet in the Bible

This video discusses the 42nd chapter of the Old Testament, Book of Isaiah, which clearly foret ...

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mentioning the name of Prophet Muhammad in Hebrew

Prophecy in Bible about Prophet Muhammad

Who is the prophet who resembles Prophet Moses most? ...

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Comparison between the Bible & Quran (3/3)

This article proves that if Quran came from someone besides God, then we would find in it many ...

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Did Jesus Predict the Coming of Prophet Muhammad in the Bible?

Did Prophet Jesus predict the advent of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them) in the Bible? ...

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Prophet Muhammad in the Bible

Was Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) foretold in the Bible? ...

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the Qur'an and the Bible

Comparison between the Bible & Quran (2/3)

Jews misunderstood Jesus, if he promised he would keep the law, but they killed him because he ...

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Comparison of Bible & Quran (1/3)

Comparison between the Bible & Quran (1/3)

Whereas Bible is a collection of writings by different authors, Qur'an is a direct revelation f ...

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Holy bible

Have the Writers of the Bible ever Met or Seen Jesus?

Have the writers of the Bible ever met or seen Jesus? ...

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Muhammad in the bible

Was Muhammad Mentioned in the Bible? (1/2)

Indeed, the incident of the migration of the Prophet and his persecuted followers is vividly de ...

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A page from the Bible that has red letters

What Is the Story of the Red Letter Bible?

What is the story of the Red Letter Bible? ...

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