Why did Prophet Muhammad Marry Aishah at a Young Age?

Why did Prophet Muhammad marry Aishah at the age of 9 years? Can we use this marriage as an example for us to marry young girls?

Sheikh Khalid Yasin’s answer to the above questions can be boiled down to the following concise points:

1- God selected Aishah for Prophet Muhammad. It is God who inclined Prophet Muhammad to marry Aishah. Prophet Muhammad never married any woman except through a divine commandment through revelation (wahy).
2- This sort of marriage was very common among Arabs. This was a part of the tradition (`Urf) of Arabs at the time.
3- Aishah had a so good memory that she could memorize the Qur’an as a whole. When Prophet Muhammad passed away, she was holding at least 2600 hadiths which nobody else ever knew about. After Abu Hurairah, nobody related more hadiths than Aishah.
4- Aishah was intelligent, deep-minded and bright-minded. She became a teacher to 72 of the Companions, the Successors, and the Successors of the Successors.

Watch this video to listen to the answer of Sheikh Khalid Yasin in detail!

Source: Islamnet

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