Dialogue with the Cross

Since the cross is the symbol of Christianity, we decided to have dialogue with it and ask it some questions which confused us and to which we have not got an answer from Christians. Maybe, we will get the satisfactory answer which we have not got from Christians.

The questions asked revolve around the original sin and the cross’s illogical role in forgiving it within the framework of Jesus’ crucifixion incident on which salvation is based in Christianity.

We wondered: how can the son of God be killed on something created by God, the cross, and at the hands of the creatures of God, namely Romans and Jews? How can God allow this to be done to His own son? How can weakness coexist with power within the son of God? Will the murder of the son of God put an end to sin on earth? How can God be unjust towards His son but just towards us?

We also asked the cross about its status in Christianity and we were amazed at honoring it as we find it irrational and illogical to honor it for it marked the alleged death of the son of God who had awful death on it. Where can sacrifice, ransom and salvation come from? Can forgiveness of people originate from wronging others?

Unfortunately, we did not get an answer to our questions from the cross as we did not from Christians? Whom else can we ask so that we will get a satisfactory answer?

Watch this video to listen to the dialogue which we had with the cross and try to find us convincing answers to our questions!

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