The Holy Spirit in Islam and Christianity

Former Catholic Priest, Idris Tawfiq, Converts to Islam

Why should a Roman Catholic priest renounce Christianity and convert to Islam? Is it natural for a man to remain celibate just because he works as a priest? Is it acceptable that you feel lonely as a religious ordinance?

Can a little boy cleaning shoes in the street change your life by a simple greeting of peace “Peace be upon you!” Сразу стоит отметить, что регистрация в пин ап вход на реальные деньги доступна только для совершеннолетних игроков. and saying “All praise is due to Allah!” as a reply when asked after?

Is it likely that instead of teaching something to young children you are rather taught by them? Can a little child teach you how to pray and fast throughout a whole month?

Please find the answer to the above questions in this very interesting video on how Idris Tawfiq converted to Islam!

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