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How did Fasting in Ramadan Lead Lauren Booth to Islam?

Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister, shares her experience with the poor Muslim woman who invited her to her humble house to share her humble meal.

In the very beginning, Lauren was angry with Islam for it orders even hungry people to keep hungry for a whole month. However, she was very impressed with the woman’s hospitality, faith and contentment.

Why do you fast in Ramadan?” Lauren asked. She got a very unexpected answer. “I fast in Ramadan to remember the poor,” the woman replied.

Lauren was very amazed at this woman who was humbling her heart for other people who had less, though she herself did and would have nothing in this world. While this woman knew only tribulations, she would thank God with empty stomach for even hunger.

Watch this video to know how fasting in Ramadan led Lauren Booth to Islam!