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Tue, 16 Jul 2024

Dr. Gary Miller: “Man is Born Muslim”

Dr. Gary Miller, also known as Abdul-Ahad Omar, believes that all of us are Muslims by birth. In answer to a question about the proof he has for this belief, he argued that historical cases all over the world prove that.

He indicated that unless someone comes and tells people what to believe, people believe in Islam though they do not speak Arabic or name their belief “Islam”. They have the same beliefs as Islam, i.e. believe in the same God, Who is One, has no sons and is not subject to aging and so on.

He gave as examples Kabuku tribe of Papua who never met a civilized man until 1920s and the aborigines of Australia before white men came there.

Dr. Gary Miller’s argument is supported by Qur’anic verses which confirm that all children of Adam are Muslims by birth, that is to say believe in Only One God, without a son or an incarnate. In the Qur’an, we read the following verses:

And recall (o Prophet) when your Lord brought forth descendants from the loins of the sons of Adam, and made them witnesses against their own selves, asking them: ‘Am I not your Lord?’ They said: ‘Yes, we do testify.’ We did so lest you claim on the Day of Resurrection: ‘We were unaware of this.’ Or say: ‘Our forefathers before us who associated others with Allah in His divinity; we were merely their offspring who followed them. And would You destroy us for that which the unrighteous did?’ (Al-A`raf 7:172-73)

Watch this video to listen to Dr. Gary Miller, also known as Abdul-Ahad Omar, while proving that all mankind are born Muslims!

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