Jesus of the Quran

Like It or Not, Jesus Practiced Islam

It’s not just a conversion story as it may seem, neither is it a recited poem or story. Rather, ...

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sunrise between mountains

Monotheism: Who Is God in Islam?

What does belief in God mean in Islam? How does Islam view monotheism? How do we know about the ...

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testimony of faith

The Two Testimonies of the Islamic Faith

As there can be no building without a concrete foundation there likewise will be no benefit or ...

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God: The All-Loving, the Merciful

How is God loving and merciful? What does divine love look like? How is it manifested in the cr ...

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Articles of Muslim Faith

Six Articles of Muslim Faith and Five Pillars of Islam in Bible (1/2)

The six articles of the Muslim faith, namely belief in God, Angels, Scriptures, Prophets, Judgm ...

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Christian Denominations

Comparison between the Major Christian and Muslim Denominations

Let us know major denominations in Islam and Christianity so that we will determine areas of ag ...

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