Merits of Jesus in Islam

Muslims share with Christians reverence and esteem of Jesus, with a reservation that he was nei ...

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The Second Coming of Jesus

Muslims believe that some of the People of the Book, including Jews and Christians, will believ ...

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Overlapping of the Messages of Muhammad and Jesus

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) also prophesied that Jesus will come back to uphold Islam ...

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Merits of Mary in Islam (1/2)

Not only does Islam recognize that Mary was virgin, but it also dismisses anybody alleging that ...

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Merits of Mary in Islam (2/2)

It is safe to say that, unlike Jews, both Christians and Muslims hold Mary in high esteem. Howe ...

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Jesus as a Word and Spirit from Allah

Christians conclude that He is a Son of God, but Muslims insist that he is not a Son of God, th ...

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Miracles of Jesus

It is curious enough that the Qur’an cites miracles performed by Jesus of which the New Testame ...

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