Picture of the Bible

Who is the Writer of the Bible?

Who is the writer of the bible? Is Qur’an copied from the Bible? Click here to watch the answer ...

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picture of the bible

Is the Bible a Divine Book?

Sheikh Ahmad Deedat speaks about the nature of the Bible and the shocking and strange things it ...

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Qur’an or Bible: Which Is God’s Words?

What is the Bible? What is the difference between the Bible, the Torah, and the Injeel? Which i ...

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A book over a piece of wood

What Is the Bible?

In this video, Sheikh Yusuf Estes tells us more about the Bible. ...

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Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts about the Bible

Are there any contradictions in the Bible? Click here to know the answer ...

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Stop Racism

How Islam Combated Racism

Watch this video to know the practices adopted by Islam to combat racism and ensure brotherhood ...

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