The Purpose of Ramadan

This month will be a true trial of one’s character, testing each individual on any bad habits t ...

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fasting in the Abrahamic religions

Fasting Across the Divine Scriptures

Fasting has special etiquette, and what is more it can be valid only if it is associated with t ...

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Why Do Muslims Fast Throughout Ramadan?

Muslims observe fast primarily for it to bring them closer to God. Since being conscious of God ...

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Productivity & Fasting

Does Fasting Reduce Productivity?

Ramadan is the month in which the rewards for good actions have no limits, the month in which M ...

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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the month during which Muslims fast, from dawn until sunset, every single day throug ...

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The Five Pillars of Islam

Six Articles of Muslim Faith and Five Pillars of Islam in Bible (2/2)

The five pillars of Islam, namely testimony of faith, prayer, alms-giving, fasting and pilgrima ...

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