Slavery in Quran

Does the Quran Support Slavery?

Islam spared no effort to emancipate slaves but in a reasonable, gradual manner. It did not enc ...

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i love isa

Do Muslims Follow Jesus Christ more than Christians?

In this episode of The Deen Show Dr. Brown explains some of the primary differences between the ...

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Focus on critisicm

Do Muslims Accept Criticism?

So long as Muslims are made subject to objective criticism driven by a real desire for reaching ...

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Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Judaism, Christianity and Islam: there is no faith called “Judaism” in the Old Testament, nor i ...

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Wife beating

Did Muhammad Permit Wife-Beating?

We remark that the countries where domestic violence rates are the highest ever worldwide are n ...

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Altruism and Regard for others

Altruism and Regard for Others

Altruism is when a person cares for others’ needs more than his own, despite his need. He might ...

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Why Muslims Perform Pilgrimage (Hajj)

Pilgrimage (Hajj) is a symbol of the nature of the universe which God has created in this unive ...

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Why Do Muslims Fast Throughout Ramadan?

Muslims observe fast primarily for it to bring them closer to God. Since being conscious of God ...

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Prophet Muhammad's Message to Heraclius

Early Dialogue with the Followers of Jesus

Allah teaches Muslims in the Qur’an that when dialogue with non-Muslims reaches an impasse they ...

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Old Testament & New Testament

Followers of Jesus from an Islamic Perspective

Muslims believe that Jesus was the Messiah prophesied in the Jewish texts and that the people w ...

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