The Fog Is Lifting: Learn about Islam

If you've ever wondered about the meaning of Islam, existence of God, freedom of belief, origi ...

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sunrise between mountains

Monotheism: Who Is God in Islam?

What does belief in God mean in Islam? How does Islam view monotheism? How do we know about the ...

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testimony of faith

The Two Testimonies of the Islamic Faith

As there can be no building without a concrete foundation there likewise will be no benefit or ...

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Son of Arnoud van Doorn

Van Doorn’s Son Accepts Islam

“I saw my father become more peaceful after converting to Islam. That’s when I realized there i ...

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Arnoud van Doorn

Former Anti-Islam Advocate, Arnoud van Doorn, in Hajj

A new Muslim now, the once strident Islamophobe, who produced an offensive film about Islam and ...

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Creation in the Qur’an and Other Scriptures

How did this universe and its inhabitants come into existence? Does this question has necessari ...

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